Griffith Field Airport

Quality Airport Services Support Lakeview Economy

Lakeview Griffith Field Airport (13C)Over the past few years you may have noticed the many improvements made to our local Airport.

The improvements have been made possible through Federal government grants and 5% matched fund money each from the State of Michigan and the Village of Lakeview. The grants have been made through the Michigan Aeronautics Commission.

Lakeview airport businesses provide local jobs and important services for airplanes traversing the entire region and bring added income to our area. Commercial, private and student pilots and planes depend on Lakeview Griffith Field Airport, as do local businesses for freight and transportation.

About Our Airport

Lakeview's Griffith Field Airport (13C) serves Lakeview and Montcalm County and is owned by the Village of Lakeview.

The paved runway extends for 3500 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 971 feet.

For more information, please contact Assistant Manager, Roy Matthews at 989-352-7306.