Boards and Commissions

Are you interested in serving on a Village of Lakeview board or commission? Please contact us at Village offices. Phone (989) 352-6322 or send us a message.

Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

DDA Board Members

Edward Jonaitis (Chairman)
Paul Mesman, Term 2021
Kevin Griffith, Term 2021
Barb Huttinga, Term 2021
Ransom Leppink, Term 2021
Greg McKenna, Term 2022
Tom Smith, Term 2022
Raymi Sunabi, Term 2022
Dave Lund, Term as President

The purpose of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is to halt property value deterioration, to increase property tax valuation in the business district, to eliminate the causes of deterioration and to promote economic growth. The DDA may acquire, own, lease, sell, construct, rehabilitate, equip, improve, maintain, or operate any building on land it may own.

The DDA is financed, from the capture of new revenues from incremental increases in property assessments occurring within the district.

DDA members are nominated by the Village President, and approved by the Village Council. The Village Council must approve the DDA improvement plan, its annual budget and its financing plan.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Roger Bachman, Chairperson, Term 2021
Emily Griffith, Member, Term 2020
Michelle McElhinny, Member, Term 2020
Chad Lincoln, Planning Commission Member, Term 2021
Chris Fryover, Council Representative

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Planning Commission

Village Planning Commissioners, Three Year Terms:

Dave Lund, Term as President
Lane Leppink Chairperson Term 2021
Allen Griffith, Term 2020
Lynn Saxton, Term 2021
Chad Lincoln, Term 2020
Edwin Winter, Term 2020
Craig Farrell, Term 2021

The Responsibilities of the Planning Commission Include:

Preparing and adopting the Village Master Plan; preparing the original Zoning Ordinance including the text and map showing the proposed zoning district boundaries and forwarding recommendations to City Council, who ultimately adopts the Ordinance; advising the Village Council on future amendments, changes, or additions to the Zoning Ordinance; reviews site plans, special land use requests, and planned unit developments for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

Commission Membership:

The Planning Commission is made up of seven members of the community, plus the Village Manager and the Village President, for a total of nine voting members. The seven citizen members are appointed to three-year, staggered terms, and the Village Manager and Village President serve by virtue of their respective offices. The Village President, subject to confirmation by the Village Council, appoints the citizen members.