Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The purpose of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is to halt property value deterioration, to increase property tax valuation in the business district, to eliminate the causes of deterioration and to promote economic growth. The DDA may acquire, own, lease, sell, construct, rehabilitate, equip, improve, maintain, or operate any building on land it may own.

The DDA is financed, from the capture of new revenues from incremental increases in property assessments occurring within the district.

DDA members are nominated by the Village President, and approved by the Village Council. The Village Council must approve the DDA improvement plan, its annual budget and its financing plan.

DDA Members
Edward Jonaitis (Chairman) 6/3/21 - 3 yr. term
Paul Mesman, Appointed 6/3/21 - 3 yr. term
Kevin Griffith, Appointed 6/3/21 - 3 yr. term
John Verplank, Appointed 12/16/21 - 3 yr. term
Ransom Leppink, Appointed 6/3/21 - 3 yr. term
Greg McKenna, Appointed 5/14/18 - 4 yr. term
Raymi Sunabi, Appointed 5/14/18 - 4 yr. term
Bill Helmer, (Vacancy of Smith) 5/14/18 - 4 yr. term
Emily Griffith, Term as President

The Downtown Development Authority continuously works on projects that will make Lakeview a better place to live, work and play.

Currently, the DDA is working on a Tamarack Shoreline Development Plan that will include increased public fishing access, boat docking, park improvements, and other ways to connect our downtown to the lakeshore.

For more information on the project, follow this link.

Downtown Development Authority Contact Information

Downtown Development Authority Director: Manager & Chief of Police, Darin K. Dood

208 S. Lincoln Ave.
Lakeview, MI 48850

Phone: (989)352-6322
Email: manager@villageoflakeview,org

The proposed area for the Tamarack Lakeshore Development Plan
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DDA Meeting Minutes


Facade GrantThe Lakeview DDA created the Facade Grant Program to encourage private investment in the business district. If you are interested in applying for a grant for work to be done to your building located in the DDA district please click the link below for program information.