Planning and Zoning

The responsibilities of the Planning Commission include:

Preparing and adopting the Village Master Plan, Prepares the original Zoning Ordinance including the text and map showing the proposed zoning district boundaries, forwards recommendation to City Council, who ultimately adopts the Ordinance; Advises Village Council on future amendments, changes, or additions to the Zoning Ordinance; and, Reviews site plans, special land use requests, and planned unit developments for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

The Planning Commission is made up of seven members of the community, the Village Manager, and the Village President. The seven citizen members are appointed to three-year, staggered terms, and the Village Manager and Village President serve by virtue of their respective offices. The Village President subject to confirmation by the Village Council appoints the citizen members.

Planning Commission Members

Three Year Terms:

Dave Lund -Chairman, Appointed 6/23/21
Gary Padden, Appointed 6/23/21
Gail Dolbee Appointed 9/22/21
Craig Farrell, Appointed 4/8/19
Ed Winter, Appointed 1/14/19
Michelle McElhinny, Appointed 7/13/21
Chad Lincoln, Appointed 10/8/18
Emily Griffith-Term as President

Documents and Links

Zoning Permits

In order to complete any construction or renovation on your property which will add vertical structures or change the footprint of any existing structure, you must complete and file a Zoning Permit Application at the Village Offices.

These documents can be picked up at the Village Offices or downloaded directly from the file cabinet located above.

Once approved, this document may be taken to the Montcalm County Administration Building to present to the Building Department in the event a construction permit is required for your project.

Planning and Zoning Contact

Planning and Zoning Administrator:

Manager, Chief Dood
208 S. Lincoln Ave.
Lakeview, MI 48850

Phone: (989) 352-6322
Email: manager@villageoflakeview.org