Village of Lakeview Property Tax Information

Where do your property tax dollars go?  The articles here can help show you.  

Residences Qualifying for Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

One of the most important factors to consider is that while residents pay their taxes to both the Village and Township, the money collected does not all stay within the Village or Township.  Those whose permanent home is within the Village limits are considered to be primary residence or formally known as homesteaded residences.  This type of residence is now known as Principal Residence Exemption or PRE.

PRE residences are exempt from taxes levied for operation of a local school district up to 18 mills.  In order for a land parcel to qualify for PRE, a person must be a resident of Michigan that owns or occupies the property as a primary or principal residence.

For PRE residences within the Village of Lakeview, the current millage rate is 43.5099.  The Village represents 14.9927 mills of the overall 43.5099.  That 14.9927 mills can be broken down as follows:  10.2288 for Village Operating, 3.9522 for the Village of Lakeview Roads, and 0.8117 mills for the Lakeview Cemetery.

Land and Parcels That Are Not a Resident's Permanent Home (Non PRE)

Land and parcels that are not a resident's permanent home are considered to be non-exempt from millages levied for local school operation.  This can add up to 18 mills to the taxes levied on the property.

Land is considered Non-PRE if it is industrial, commercial, rental, second home, or vacant.  The millage rate for Non-PRE property within the Village of Lakeview is 61.5099.  The Village represents 22.7639 mills and are broken down as:  18 mills for Village Operating, 3.9522 mills for Lakeview Village Roads, and 0.8177 mills for the Lakeview Cemetery.

Village of Lakeview taxes are billed once a year and are due on September 14th.

The Village of Lakeview assesses property taxes only once per year, with the bills being mailed out to addresses of record in the first week of July.  Payment can be completed in person at the Village Offices at 315 S. Lincoln Avenue in downtown Lakeview, or can be mailed to P.O. Box 30, Lakeview, Michigan 48850.

If paying taxes after September 14th, please remit payments to the Montcalm County Treasurer at 211 W. Main Street, Stanton, Michigan 48888.

For questions regarding a tax bill, please call our offices at (989) 352-6322.

For property tax account changes, please contact the Cato Township Assessor, Debbie Rashid.
Phone:  (989) 304-0250
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 34, Lowell, Michigan 49331