Village Manager

Darin K. Dood, Village Manager

village managerAs Chief Administrative Officer of the Village, the Village Manager plans, develops, and implements a diverse range of Village services to meet policy directives and community needs.

The Village Manager oversees the organization and direction of all Village departments and acts as Village Personnel Director. Among his duties and responsibilities:

• Oversees the general operations of all Village departments and activities. Initiates studies and monitors operations to ensure quality services are provided in an efficient and timely manner.

• Recommends policies and programs to the Village Council. Provides information to the Council to aide in its deliberations. Implements policies set forth by the Council.

• Develops long-range plans and management strategies to realize goals in accordance with Council directives, community needs, demographic trends, and Village vision. Assesses operational costs, analyzes administrative and capital needs and makes appropriate recommendations.

• Represents the Village at local, regional, and state meetings and conferences. Negotiates contracts and agreements on behalf of the Village. Presents the official Village position on issues related to finances and operations.

• Responds to inquiries, resolves citizen complaints, and recommends remedial action related to Village policies and services. Meets with citizens and community groups to address concerns and participates in civic activities as appropriate.

• Supervises all Village employees either directly or through department heads. Provides overall direction for the selection, training, recognition, discipline, and discharge of all Village employees. Develops, recommends, and enforces personnel policies. Negotiates and administers labor agreements.

If at any time you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Manager Dood at the Village office or via the e-mail link.

Council-Manager Government

The council-manager form of government combines the strong political leadership of an elected council with the strong managerial experience of an appoint village or city manager. The council retains all the power and authority to set and pursue policy and policy changes.

This form of government has become the most popular structure of local government within the United States. This style of governing was born out of the progressive reform era at the turn of the 20th century.